Competitions and prize draws!

With WocaBee, students compete for valuable prizes every month! 🎁Just fulfill the simple conditions and you can win attractive prizes in the draw.Information about prices, competition terms and conditions and the date of the draw can be found directly in the application.Fingers crossed! 😊

NEW - packages by topic!

Teachers! Ready-made vocabulary packages sorted by topic are now available in WocaBee. There are almost 400 of them (!) and we will be adding more. 😊

Added 15.04.2023

WocaBee = vocabulary easily and effectively!

An innovative online application for schools that brings students real results and makes lives of teachers easier.

How does it work?

Choose the correct translation

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A revolution in vocabulary learning

WocaBee works in a web browser and on any device.

There is no need to install anything.



Student Wocapoints Packages (done)
1.) Bradley Campbell 1700 20 / 20
2.) Molly Wilson 1650 18 / 20
3.) Vicky Lewis 1540 17 / 20
4.) Philip Collins 911 15 / 20
5.) Freya Harris 846 12 / 20



Student Woca-
Packages (done)
1.) Bradley Campbell 1700 20 / 20
2.) Molly Wilson 1650 18 / 20
3.) Vicky Lewis 1540 17 / 20
4.) Philip Collins 911 15 / 20
5.) Freya Harris 846 12 / 20




Saves your time

Artificial intelligence offers individual approach

It also teaches correct pronunciation

Motivates students to learn

Better grades

Learning through play

Better pronunciation

Competitions and prize draws

Say goodbye to boring learning!

WocaBee is used by tens of thousands of satisfied users.

Average rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

(by 66202 users)

How does it work?

The teacher assigns vocabulary packages to the students. Students fill in the correct words. This way, students learn new vocabulary (including pronunciation) in a fun way. The teacher can use the app to test the students or let students play various words-based games. The app offers an individual approach and saves time (automatic evaluation of papers and automatic assignment of pictures). Try WocaBee today to see the benefits for yourself!
Special access:

List of supported languages:

Affordable for all

1.00 € / month

per student (1 foreign language)

When subscribing for 6 months or more

1.20 € / month

per student (1 foreign language)

When subscribing for 5 months or less

There are also quantity discounts available!

How to order


The customer (teacher or school principal) fills out the form and places the order.


You will receive simple instructions by e-mail.


The teacher and students register (only once) and sort into classes according to the instructions.

About us


About us

We are a team of developers behind an innovative school-oriented application for learning foreign languages.

The WocaBee application was created in 2018 by programmer Michal Ošvát in cooperation with teachers. WocaBee, s.r.o. currently operates in 10 European countries. So far, hundreds of thousands of students and tens of thousands of teachers have tried the application, giving it an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.WocaBee is mainly used in primary and secondary schools, but it has also found its place in universities and language schools. There is also a special version for kindergartens, targeting children above the age of 4 (children learn a foreign language only with the help of pictures and sounds).
WocaBee, s.r.o. raises awareness of the importance of learning foreign languages in and outside of school using innovative approaches and modern aids.

We help

We help improve foreign language skills of schoolchildren. We also help them navigate through difficult situations.

Our goal is to innovate and modernize language education in schools. Students who use WocaBee show demonstrably better languages skills. This is something children, teachers, schools and parents can all benefit from.We help teachers become more efficient and make their lives easier. Automatic evaluation of papers, online games to diversify the lesson and reports on the daily work of the student are just a few examples of how the application can help teachers.
We help teachers gain new knowledge through webinars led by experienced lecturers. Teachers gave our webinars an average rating of 1.25 (on a scale of 1=excellent, 5=unsatisfactory).
We also help schools, teachers and students in difficult life situations. In the spring of 2020, marked by COVID-19 lockdowns, we gave schools access to WocaBee for free to help them navigate the difficult moments. We gave schools 3 months’ worth of access (that’s around EUR 600,000).
We provided the WocaBee application free of charge to schools in selected countries in the spring of 2022 to help them integrate Ukrainian children fleeing war. The app helps children navigate the new environment.

We motivate

Language learning is the most effective when it is fun.

We are convinced that language skills are crucial for children's future. The WocaBee application motivates students to learn by collecting WocaPoints. Pupils compete with each other for the leading position in the class leaderboard. There are monthly competitions and prize draws to boost their motivation to learn a foreign language.Since 2019, we have been organizing vocabulary competitions at schools - the WocaBee Language Championship. Our goal is to motivate students to learn foreign languages in a modern, innovative way.

Our achievements

The greatest satisfaction for us is motivated students and happy foreign language teachers.

At the beginning of 2022, the WocaBee application was awarded the Innovative Act of the Year award – 2nd place in the Service Innovation category. The competition is organized by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic through the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency since 2007 and highlights projects with a demonstrable benefit to the economy.The WocaBee filtered into the world of foreign language teaching shortly after it was completed. According to Google data, it even made it into the TOP 10 most searched queries in Slovakia in the spring of 2020.
However, we are most proud of is motivated students who are eager to improve their foreign language skills with WocaBee. Up to 98% of teachers in our surveys confirm that WocaBee demonstrably improves students' language skills. 96% of pupils agree.

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Can I add pictures to the words?
What if the trial version does not work for us? Do we have to cancel our account?
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